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Viper Club - Madame Siam 11/7/19

Photos courtesy of Lauren Shelburne


Phoenix-based Viper Club lit up the underground Madam Siam stage in Hollywood. While in town recording, the band took a pit-stop to headline the night with a new take on classic rock that had the whole crowd jamming along. The band made the stage their own with a neon “Viper Club” sign that made it impossible to forget their name. Their frontman commanded the crowd swinging from the ceiling and incorporating dance moves, headbanging and rebel yells that brought me back to a 70’s era stadium show with influences of more modern alt/soft rock on other songs. They are not only entrancing to watch but have an expertly crafted sound that you want to replay again and again. Their single “Beatrix” is available to stream now and more music is on its way. 

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