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Yungblud w/ Missio - Lost Horizon 10/13/19

Photos courtesy of Emma Bick




Anticipating the release of his new EP, titled the underrated youth, Yungblud journeyed out on his Twisted Tales Of The Ritalan Club Tour. I caught this tour at the sold out date in Syracuse, at the Lost Horizon. Opening the tour was only one act, alt-rock duo MISSIO. I enjoyed them quite a bit, I felt they really set a good mood for the show. I feel that sometimes live vocals have a hard time matching up (or even getting close) to studio vocals, which makes sense for a touring band who is playing a show every night. This was not the case with MISSIO, whose vocalist was satisfactory.

The crowd roared as Yungblud appeared on stage. He was constantly moving, jumping across the photo pit to stand on the barricade at least once per song. The amount of energy that his set contained was impressive, and he had the entire capacity of The Lost Horizon moving with him. About halfway through his set he even changed his clothes and sang a song from the middle of the crowd. The entire crowd was captivated by him, with some fans arriving at the venue as early as 7:30 AM. All around, it was a very good show. I would definitely recommend trying to get out to see this tour.

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